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Transform the way you produce live content with Zeacon Live Studio, the best platform for growing and converting a live audience.

Collect donations and tips, right on screen

Swap between multiple cameras, share your screen, and put friendly faces in the corners of your stream all with ZLS.


A space just for you and whoever you invite

Hang out with just your friends, or invite everyone from your community to join in on the fun - all they need is a link.

Why the best of the best use Zeacon Live Studio

Kelley McKinney

Former Chief Disaster Officer, American Red Cross

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No app or software to download

Interact with your audience

Collect donations during your stream

Accept mid-stream donations all within the platform

Our advanced donation user flow allows your audience members to send you donations during the stream without ever having to leave

Stream directly to your audience on social media

Broadcast your live stream on up to 5 different social media platforms at once. ZLS streams to any platform that accepts an RTMP source.

Interact with your customers.

With no apps to download or complicated user interfaces, Zeacon Live Studio makes creating (and watching) live streams a breeze!


Create professional-grade live content with custom canvas layouts.

While most platforms only allow you to read and respond to comments, Zeacon Live Studio takes it one step further, allowing audience members to raise their hands and be brought into the live stream.


Unlimited Streams​

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Downloadable Recordings



Fully Customizable Experience


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