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Updated: Feb 16

A virtual real estate tour is simply a digital recreation of a physical space, be it anew corporate office, a warehouse, or high-end shopping mall. But virtual tours are especially effective in the highest selling real-estate market: residential properties.

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These tours, sometimes called 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow buyers to digitally tour a for-sale home online. The prospective buyer controls which part of the house they look at and allows them to check parts out similar to street view on Google Maps.

While 3D tours cannot be used as a standalone for the sale of the house, they can be used to complement your home’s other marketing efforts, drive more interest, and help your home stand out among other listings.

"Real estate technology has transformed the industry, putting more control in the hands of consumers and giving salespeople flexible solutions," said Laura Adams, senior real estate analyst at Aceable. "While online listings, drone showings, and remote closings existed before the pandemic, they've become the norm."

New specialized cameras can shoot exceptional stills and 360 videos. These images and videos are then combined to create the sensation of walking through a space either online through an app, browser, or VR headset.

There are many benefits of creating a 3D tour of homes for sale. Here are just a handful:

  1. A virtual tour gives your listing a higher reach. More exposure means you are more likely to attract multiple offers that could drive the sale price up.

  2. 3D tours give potential buyers a good feel about the floor plan and a good understand about the flow of the home. If your home’s layout doesn’t appeal to a particular buyer, both the parties can avoid wasting time.

  3. A better view of your home will make it appealing to out-of-town and international buyers, who can make faster, more informed purchase decisions without traveling.

  4. Fewer non-serious buyers or nearby sellers will check out your home.

  5. You do not have to deal with cleaning home after every visit or open house.

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High-end specialized real estate market corporations like Sotheby's sold multi-million homes last year using advanced technology, that allows realtors to showcase the best features of the listing while simultaneously answering questions from the audience.

“I attended a virtual training provided by the Sotheby’s International Realty brand in partnership with Facebook to learn the nuances of going live for a virtual open house. With some best practices in mind and my newly minted selfie stick, I went live on my Facebook Business page for the first time. My 13 years of experience in television production for ABC News came in handy, and my approach was to make it informational and fun for the viewer.”
- Katie Gay, Sales Associate Heritage House Sotheby’s International Realty
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A high-quality and engaging virtual tour can make the deal or break real estate deals. Here is what a virtual tour needs to include to be a virtual tour and stand out from simple listing videos or slideshows:

  • A real view of the home. Buyers want to see the home authentically, not just a recreation.

  • Smooth navigation that makes it easy to move to different rooms and pan 360 degrees. A full view of the home from the front lawn to the attic is part of what makes virtual tours appealing.

  • Giving viewers the ability to skip through, go back to various rooms, and freeze the frame to imagine what they would do with the space.

  • Clear and high-definition picture is crucial.

  • The ability to view the tour on any browser or device has a large impact on its success.

You can showcase your listing on Zeacon Live Studio to your prospective buyers while boosting sales via virtual tours. Live Studio can help realtors focus on all kinds of properties to reach domestic and global customers. Incorporating buyers' questions into the stream through Live Studio’s hand-raising feature will engage your audience and help you cover things you may have otherwise missed. The urgency of doing an open house tour live ensures that your viewers will be fully engaged in your stream.

Virtual tours have been shown to attract more views and generate more leads than text and still images alone. Consider incorporating virtual tours into your digital marketing plan, so you can be at the cutting edge of your industry. Innovative technology can give you a strong advantage in a competitive market. Virtual real estate tours can allow the buyer to expand their search and the seller to widen their pool of prospective buyers. It is a win-win for everyone.


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