Top 10 Issues with Live Streaming Today

Updated: Feb 16

Lack of Interactivity

Interactivity is what sets live streaming apart from other forms of digital media. Without the interactivity factor that comes with live streaming, it wouldn’t be any different than viewing a video on demand. Because of this, many live streaming platforms have capitalized and integrated good engagement features such as a live in-stream chat box. However, in-stream chat is where many platforms stagnate and fail to continue innovating new ways to enable the host-to-viewer relationship.

A chat box also comes with its own set of issues because it shifts the responsibility of engaging all on the host of the stream. Reading the chat while also running a high-quality stream, managing technological issues, along with making sure that they are providing valuable content to the viewer is very stressful for a production team, let alone an individual or business owner.

That is why we developed an easy way to take in-stream interactivity to the next level. With the drag-and-drop feature on our Zeacon Live Studio platform, the host can bring anyone that raises their hand right on to the stream itself. The host can also view the video feed of the viewer that is in queue and make sure that everything looks good before bringing them on to the stream. This feature enables the broadcaster to have a special face-to-face connection that is not found on any other live streaming platform.

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Privacy Issues

Social media was created to connect people all around the world. Whether you’re just across the city or across the world, social media platforms give individuals the ability to send messages to one another in mere instants. However, as time goes on and as we put more of our lives and information on the internet, privacy becomes one of the biggest issues that major platforms have still yet to solve in an effective and efficient manner.

Take this webinar as an example. The webinar was streamed live through our Zeacon Live Studio platform to multiple social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. On those platforms, any of our competitors can view our live streams without us even knowing. For a live stream, like this one, that’s meant to educate the public and inform them about current issues in the live streaming industry, then having a public broadcast is a great idea. However, if you’re an individual that just wants to talk to their family member or a business owner that wants to host paid events, you don’t know who has access to that video or broadcast unless you go through the tedious steps to fully protect yourself online.

These various social media platforms also don’t have integrated business tools that help individuals run monetized events. In the past, creators and businesses had to use third-party websites in order to properly run and distribute live events. With Zeacon’s custom solutions plan, we can integrate subscription models for your audience, as well as online ticketing, all on the one platform.

Zeacon wants to put the individual back in control of their privacy online. This is why every single stream that is created on our platform has the option to remain private and allows the user to control who the stream is distributed to.

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Ad Distraction

Attention is one of the most important currencies in the digital era. Every single major social media platform is fighting to earn more and more of your attention in order to make money. To achieve this feat, they are constantly feeding viewers content that AI algorithms believe would keep them watching along with pushing out notifications to your viewers that would distract from your content. With more viewers that stay on the platform, the more advertisements that are watched, and more money goes into the platform’s pockets.

Because of this constant fight for attention, big social media platforms aren’t incentivized to share your content to your audience. They might even share your competition’s content over yours at some points for your audience. Due to the nature of algorithmic suggestions, unless you’re paying the platform a lot of money to get ahead of your competition, there is constant pressure on the creator to always beat the system in order to stay afloat.

However, on the Zeacon platform, there are no ads in place to distract your viewer allowing them to watch more of your content and allow you, the creator, to worry less about being left behind because of algorithmic changes.

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Lack of Conversion

Conversions are constantly on the minds of business owners everywhere. Conversions are what drive the business world around and what pushes companies to produce the best product that they can possibly make. Corporations and small businesses everywhere are trying to optimize for conversions and, as a result, we as consumers have enjoyed the benefits of having streamlined checkout processes. However, this is true only when everything is in one place and built into the same platform.

On social media, this isn’t the case because they’re designed with the purpose of connecting people and getting individuals on to their platform. With more third-parties and steps that’s involved in your conversion process, it deters more individuals from buying your product and leads to less overall business for you.

With the Zeacon Live Studio platform, this is a worry of the past since the streamer or host can turn on the donation feature, or the upcoming shopping integration, with the simple press of a button. This allows your customers to stay on the stream and watch more of your content while being able to donate to your business, cause, or project. With more business-focused features such as direct in-stream product purchasing and showcasing coming soon, Zeacon will continue to create unique and memorable experiences for both the viewer and the streamer.

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Who Owns Your Audience?

As previously mentioned, all of the large social media platforms aren’t incentivized to connect you with your audience online. They are incentivized to make as much money through ads as they can to make money. If your content ultimately doesn’t help keep the viewers on their screen, then the algorithm decides to rank your posts below those of your competition or trending videos. In the worst-case scenario, they can shadow ban you or remove your access to the account if the algorithm doesn’t agree with the content that you’re creating or if someone has malicious intent towards your account, they can en masse report your account and the algorithm will remove it entirely.

This has happened on all major platforms in the past and will continue to happen in the future. That’s why here at Zeacon, we wanted to solve this problem by allowing creators to own their own audience once again without having to worry about a computer removing your account at any moment. With audience capture capabilities such as email capture, the Zeacon Live Studio platform is here to make sure you can focus on creating your content.

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Technological Learning Curves

New technology comes with a steep learning curve. Whether it was first figuring out how to use your new phone or trying to navigate through a new website. Nothing with technology is particularly easy to use right from the get-go. This has been especially true when it comes to live streaming. Figuring out which streaming software to use, which platform to stream on, or even which settings are the best takes hours and hours of either sifting through information or going through trial-and-error.

Because of this grueling process, many individuals and businesses in the past have been deterred from live streaming and its many benefits such as increased viewer interaction, easy content creation, and so much more.

With the consumer hurdle in mind, the team here at Zeacon Live Studio created our platform around the idea of making it as easy as possible to go live to the internet. From signing up to clicking the button to go live, the engineering team at Zeacon optimized the user experience so that individuals can stop worrying about setting up their live stream and get back to creating content that they’re proud of.

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As previously mentioned, the lack of accessibility when it comes to live streaming technology and platforms has been one of the most daunting hurdles for a business or individual in the live streaming industry. Without the ability to easily get set up and go live, people can’t experience the great benefits of live streaming for their audience, brand, or company.

In the past, traditional live streaming processes required the broadcaster to download software, programs, and extensions in order to create a professional looking live stream. Because of how many different pieces must work together, there is a lot of room for error that are caused by the programs themselves or by the user for not knowing how to properly set up software or equipment.

That’s why in the Zeacon Live Studio, we have limited the possible steps it takes to set up a live stream and go live. With all the features and capabilities that any business, brand, or individual could need during a live stream built into your browser to view and host, we enable individuals to create and interact in a whole new way. All without needing to download a single piece of software.

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Device Limitations

Modern live streaming software requires an immense amount of processing power in order to run smoothly. Without having a dedicated device for live streaming, or an extremely powerful device, trying to run streaming software, monitor your video feed, and run any programs that you’d like to use during the live stream is extremely difficult and nearly impossible as an individual.

It’s important to also mention that going through multiple live streaming set ups can be extremely costly. Buying a dedicated live streaming computer or device, figuring out it doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, and then buying something that does meet your requirements is not feasible for many, especially for a creator or small to medium-sized businesses.

Because the Zeacon Live Studio platform only requires your browser to run, it frees up a lot of processing power on your device so that it can run the programs that are necessary for you to create your content without having a single hitch or hiccup during your live stream.

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Content Creation

Live streaming is content creation. You’re educating or entertaining your audience in ways that they find valuable in their lives. However, where many businesses and individuals fail to capitalize on live streaming as a way to create content is in their repurposing of their live streams. Or rather, the lack thereof. Using live streamed content on other social media platforms is a great idea because it creates the fear of missing out (or FOMO) for your audience. Your followers see how much fun it is to interact with you live on stream and would in turn also want to be there to interact with you for the next one.

We, at Zeacon Live Studio, want creators to own their own audience again and in doing so, we enable creators to make content as easily as possible using features found on no other platform. Using Zeacon Live Studio’s drag-and-drop feature, you bring the audience member right into the stream allowing you to easily capture the exciting moments and interactions that you will have with your viewers in the stream without having to create motion graphics for a message that was in the chat or hire a professional video editor.

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Finally, the last major hurdle that the live streaming industry has right now is that live streaming is not affordable for many individuals and businesses. Between buying the devices to run the live stream, all the equipment that a creator might need during a live stream, and finally the platform and the features on the platform itself, the cost of live streaming adds up very quickly.

For example, one of our competitors charges $90 per month in order to live stream to 5 different Facebook accounts from one source. With the Zeacon Live Studio platform, multistreaming is available for everyone to use regardless of their plan.

Speaking of streaming plans, we also provide a free plan for our platform that will never end and doesn’t need a credit card to get. Many of our competitors offer “free” plans that are just free trials in disguise. After your trial is over, you’re forced to buy a subscription to their website in order to access the features and platform once again. This is not the case with Zeacon.

We want everyone and anyone to experience the benefits of live streaming for their brand, business, or company so we will never charge anyone that sign up and uses our free Village plan.

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Excited to build your business, create engaging content, and connect with your audience again? The official launch of our public beta is on November 9th!

Can’t wait that long and want to start interacting with your community now? For special early access to the platform please email, DM, or private message us on any of our social media and we’ll get you set up right away!


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