Stand With Ukraine

Humanity is at its best during dire situations and times of need. The Ukrainian people have seen their country devastated, demolished, and had their families torn apart. Many individuals in our company have personal connections to Ukraine and the citizens of the nation. With a mission to raise money for those in need, we at Zeacon decided to host a fundraiser for our friends, the Ukrainian Red Cross, and dedicate an entire day where our donate button redirected individuals to the Ukrainian Red Cross donation page.

By banding together with major influencers, an accredited teacher, the former Chief Disaster Officer of the American Red Cross, and even Ukrainian citizens that have fled the country or are currently still in the war zones themselves, we at Zeacon hope to share genuine heartfelt stories about how the Ukrainian people are dealing with the Russian invasion.

During the event, we were able to spread our message thanks to our amazing hosts, Lauren Drain (@laurendrainfit) and Sofia Bevarly (@sofia_bevarly). They were generous enough to allow us to utilize our multistreaming feature and simultaneously broadcast the event on their Facebook page and Instagram account. They not only discussed several topics related to not only the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but to also discuss the more personal sides of the conflict and how it’s affecting the millions of families in Ukraine.

Guest speakers include:

Sharon McMahon (@sharonsaysso) who was considered “America’s Government Teacher” and host of the top-rated podcast, Sharon Says So.

Kelly McKinney (@kellymnyc) who was the former Chief Disaster Office for the American Red Cross and author of the book “Moment of Truth: The Nature of Catastrophes and How to Prepare for Them”.

Olga Zabrodina who is a Ukrainian refugee, mother of three, and former teacher from Odessa, Ukraine.

Leo and Inga, two humanitarian aid workers who are currently supporting individuals in Ukraine directly.

Sharon joined in on the fundraiser to give context to the continuous conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. With a passion about educating the public about political misinformation, Sharon shared her insights and thoughts on not only the tragedies that occurred in Ukraine within the past weeks along with how people at home can help.

To help elaborate on how Americans can help at home, we had the former Chief Disaster Officer of the American Red Cross, Kelly McKinney, come on and speak about all the amazing ways that the Red Cross would use the donation money to help during an event or disaster.

To give us a sense of what the people of Ukraine were feeling when the events were unfolding, we had Olga Zabrodina on our show. Olga is a mother of three and was a teacher in Odessa. Her and her children were fortunate enough to flee the country within the first few weeks. However, her husband was drafted into the Ukrainian military and is now currently fighting for his country.

With many families fleeing the country with nowhere to go, the Ukrainian people need your help more than ever. Please consider donating to the Ukrainian Red Cross by clicking on the button below.

Finally, the last speakers for our Stand with Ukraine live stream were Inga and Leo, who are both humanitarian volunteers currently in Ukraine supporting the remaining citizens and army. Both lived normal lives before the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Inga was previously a lawyer and now leads a team of volunteers that help get supplies to the correct locations. Leo worked in the tech industry and is now delivering crucial aid to families all over Ukraine.

As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), we at Zeacon want to change the world through our actions and products. Whether we’re supporting nonprofits by easily allowing their viewers to donate through our platform or supporting a country that’s currently at war, we hope to create positive impacts no matter the circumstances. Consider donating by clicking on the button below.

If you’d like to learn more about how Zeacon Live Studio could help your cause, sign up for free today at, schedule a demo, or click on the sign up button below!


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