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Updated: Feb 16

Throughout the past year, everyone has been having to adjust in some shape or form. One of the biggest changes was switching to only using virtual platforms for work, school, and even social life. During this change, many began to experience what's called “Zoom Fatigue”.

What is “Zoom Fatigue”?

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Zoom Fatigue, according to Psychiatric Today, is “tiredness, worry or burnout associated with the overuse of virtual platforms of communication.” One key group of people that have been challenged with “Zoom fatigue” is schools. Teachers and students this past year have been through a lot of changes. Teachers have been struggling to keep students engaged and are suffering from “Zoom Fatigue”.

Recent studies from Time show “people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds,” less than a goldfish's attention span of nine seconds. Not only is student engagement down, but teachers are also getting burnt out.

“Virtual learning has been tough. I often feel that I don’t have a voice or that my raised hand goes unnoticed. It’s this weird space of being there and not being there. Not being able to interact with my teachers and classmates is challenging.”
Elijah, Student

The only solutions that have been found are just band-aids to the bigger problem. At first, educators tried break-out rooms where students could get the extra help they need or even connect with classmates. According to Utah Business, “The breakout rooms that many schools have adopted in their virtual learning environments aren’t engaging enough for the students and it adds more screen time for kids who are already exhausted from staring at the screen from their standard classes.” Sitting and staring at a screen for class for 7 – 8 hours a day takes a toll on student engagement and overall learning.

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What is Zeacon doing to combat the problem?

The main issues are students are becoming less engaged, they are having trouble in class, and aren’t getting the help they need. With Zeacon we have a multitude of options. The first being our proprietary technology, Zeacon Live Studio. With Zeacon Live Studio you can raise your hand and the teacher can drag and drop the student onto the screen to present ideas or ask questions.

Additionally, we can create fully immersive video game-like worlds that have been proven to increase engagement. These worlds are fully customizable, so they can look like your school or something completely different. Within the worlds you can also have private rooms where students can meet with teachers, tutors, or counselors to get the help that they need!

We have partnered with many to bring their ideas to implementation. One company that we helped in the past is Activision. Activision's virtual world had a scavenger hunt, interactive games, and a live DJ. We helped to connect 2,000 people with a 90% engagement rate throughout the event. Check out this video to learn more about how Zeacon helped Activision.

We are passionate about intelligently connect communities with our technology. If you’d like to learn more about our virtual events to see if they would be a good fit for you click here or contact for more information.


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