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Updated: Feb 16

I had the pleasure of sitting down with our video production team to interview them on how they run the live streaming virtual events that Zeacon offers!

What is your step-by-step detailed process?

Kyle: Well, it’s complicated... To back up there are a lot of different types of live streams. You can have a live stream that is more of a virtual event like Gather.Town. But you can also have a live stream that we call i2i (idea 2 implementation). It’s perfect if you are a company or a nonprofit that can't do the in-person event this year and want to do a live stream, but you don’t know anything about it.

First the sales team talks with you and works on a deal. Then, it is assigned to a project manager. Then we talk with the client about what they want to accomplish during it and how we can help. Some clients want it to be live and some want it to look like it is live. We will do a step-by-step rundown of their show and what assets they have/need. We then show up to the location and check all the technical stuff like power outlets and their internet. We will do a rehearsal from start to finish to see what worked well and what didn’t and make the appropriate changes. For the actual event, we show up on the day of 4-5 hours before, set up, and do another rehearsal. Finally, we do the event, and the rest is history.

Why can live stream events be challenging?

Dave: The communication channels that need to happen. I'm usually the one cuing the talent. Kyle needs to be able to talk to me without having it be picked up on the talent's microphone. Sometimes people on screen need to hear each other and the others around them. It can be very complicated about who need to hear what and what voices need to hit the live stream and which voices can't hit the live stream.

We can solve this by rerouting audio to a receiver in another person's ear. It's all limited to what equipment there is.

man holding a camera while a man and two women talk at a table behind him

Kyle: Dave pretty much covered the two issues. One is communication, two is technical. It’s our job during the ideation process to set the expectations with the client about what is possible and what isn’t - then finding solutions for what isn’t possible. One critical thing that is required for a live stream is that you must have a good internet connection.

What are things that can go wrong during a live stream event?

Kyle: The internet or power can go out, or the equipment could fail. Having a plan b is a necessity. Also, the talent/ client can be nervous or have anxiety or just leave or show up late. We have them show up early and wait, so that way there is time to prepare and talk if they are nervous.

Why is Zeacon a great event partner?

Dave: We are not just a live stream company, we do everything. It's an entire event and the live stream is just one part of it, and we do it highly effectively with a small team.

Kyle: We have 50 years of experience; we have seen everything and know how to handle a lot. We bring high quality production, attention to detail, and we have a track record of meeting and exceeding expectations and goals. Our clients have increased their ROI and met or exceeded their goals. They spend 60% less on virtual events than they would have for in-person events, so they gain more profit. It comes from everyone; we all care about helping and intelligently connecting communities.

What makes a Zeacon event so successful?

Kyle: The people, the passion, and the skills.

Dave: I would have to agree with Kyle, the people and the knowledge and the expertise of the team and the fact we care so much.

What is your favorite thing about Zeacon?

Kyle: Again, the people, the passion of the team, the clients, and just the emotional aspect of working with the clients. It is a different feel then television.

Dave: The moment when the live stream is concluding and seeing how happy the client is. They are hugging and clapping and celebrating the success of their fundraising. We are helping nonprofits, helping good causes.

Kyle: It truly feeds the soul.

I want to thank our video production team Kyle and Dave again for taking the time to sit with me and chat! It was great catching up with our Kyle and Dave from our incredible video production team. If nothing else, I learned:

  1. Communication between the client and the team is a top priority!

  2. There is nothing that our video production hasn’t seen with their 50 years of knowledge and expertise. We can provide solutions to any issue.

  3. Everyone here at Zeacon cares, we care about our work, we care about helping the client. Our goal is to intelligently connect communities.

Want to learn more about our virtual events services and how our team can help you for your next event?


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