How to Live Stream Privately and Why It Matters

Updated: Feb 16

What are Private Live Streams and Why Does It Matter?

Private live streams are exactly what they sound like. They are live streams that only the creator and the selected viewers have access to. Having a private live stream might not be ideal for certain creators or businesses that want to spread their reach as wide as possible, but, it’s a great tool for many that do want to use the powers of live streaming but don’t want the public to access it.

For example, a band or singer that wants to host a live online concert wouldn’t want everyone to have access to their live stream, especially when they are selling tickets. If anyone had access to the live stream, then there would be no point in selling individual tickets. Another example would be a church who only wants members of their community to join. Having a public live stream would defeat the point essentially and could be potentially harmful for those individuals.

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What Are the Options Right Now?

Currently, all the major live streaming platforms don’t allow easy access to private live streaming. Most of them don’t have the feature to privately live stream at all. There are alternative live streaming platforms that allow the user to create private live streams for their own usage, however, most of them require a paid subscription to use the service. Needing a paid service for something that is so simple to make is unnecessary and, most importantly, impractical for many since they won’t be using the other features on the platform as often.

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What Can You Do to Make a Private Live Stream Right Now?

Aside from paying for specific live streaming services, there aren’t a lot of options for many individuals out there. And if there are options out there for private live streams then, most of the time, it isn’t perfect. For example, on two of the major social live streaming platforms, to make your live stream private, you’d need to private your entire account. For an individual, this might be an acceptable choice, however, for a business, putting your account on private would hinder the number of followers that you can receive at the time.

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There is also the problem of sharing private live streams. If a business wanted to share a live stream with selected followers, then making the account private and going live to all the people who do follow that account would be unideal. Privacy is one of the biggest areas of improvement that all major live streaming platforms need to work on if they want the live streaming industry to be functional for all.

What Zeacon is Doing to Fix Private Live Streams

On the Zeacon Live Studio platform, all the live streams that are streamed through our website are inherently private. This gives the creator control over who can view and share the broadcast. Not only are all live streams on the Zeacon Live Studio platform inherently private, the platform and service are also free for anyone to use without the need of a credit card. Simply sign up and select the Village plan to start privately streaming today!

With the Zeacon Live Studio platform, you get access to patent-pending technology that allows you to interact and engage with your audience like never before. Not to mention, there is no download needed to use the platform and its simplicity allows anyone to easily use.

The official beta launch of the Zeacon Live Studio platform is just around the corner on November 9th, 2021. Sign up for free today to access the revolutionary new live streaming platform.

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David Vo is a Yale University graduate with a certificate in Digital Marketing and a Bellevue College graduate with a Bachelor's in Digital Marketing. He is a co-founder of Bellevue College's first gaming club and has previously worked in real estate, IT, and video production before coming to Zeacon as a marketing intern. David actively participates in Olympic-style weightlifting and provides coaching in powerlifting as well.


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