How to Engage Your Audience

Updated: Feb 16

Attracting Your Audience

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Before trying to engage with your audience, you must first understand and know who your audience is and what you’re trying to offer them. Whether you’re providing physical goods or a specialized service, it’s important to know who you’re talking to online.

A question to start engaging with your audience and understanding them would be asking yourself: who would I like to attract and what would they like to see? By answering this question, it puts you into the shoes of your audience and helps you understand what type of content they’d like to see or what they could be thinking online.

The next step in attracting your audience is figuring out what platforms they’re a part of and what platforms they’re currently using. The online space is a vast network of information and being able to pinpoint what social media your audience is using and what content they’re currently consuming is going to help you connect with one another.

Lastly, the final piece in order to attract your ideal customer would be to simply look at what’s working with your current customers? How are you talking to them and what type of content do they love from you already? Picking and choosing what’s working for you right now will not only help reach your audience online but also save a lot of headaches and hassle in the future.

Creating Engaging Content

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Now that you understand how to find and attract your audience, the next step in engaging with them is creating meaningful content that both you and the consumer genuinely enjoy viewing.

The first steps in doing so would be to figure out elements in your content that are familiar to your audience. For example, for a business like Zeacon Live Studio that’s based in the Greater Seattle Area, it would be better to use a graphic that has an outline of the Space Needle rather than showing the audience a picture of the Empire State Building or it could be our logo. Figuring out what’s familiar to your audience will help them relate with your content and build a deeper connection between you and the viewer.

The second step to creating meaningful and engaging content would be to understand the purpose or the why behind the content that you post. If you can’t understand why you’re creating content for your viewers, neither will they.

The Golden Circle

In the business and marketing world, there is a very famous concept called “The Golden Circle” which was originally created by famous entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek.

The Golden Circle first starts by asking the question, why does your brand exist in the first place? What is the greater vision of your company or brand? What does your brand believe in? By answering these questions, it helps convey your company’s values and beliefs to the audience and the viewers.

The second part of The Golden Circle asks the question “how?”. How is my company going to achieve our why? How am I going to help fulfill my company’s purpose and vision? What actions does my company take in order to better the world around it?

Finally, the last part of The Golden circle asks the question “what?”. This is simply what your company provides to its audience and consumers. This is the product or service that will help your audience recognize your company and its vision and mission in the world.

By applying The Golden Circle into your brand’s content, or really anything your brand does, it will help create deeper meaning behind your posts and it will also help your audience members understand why they’re supporting your business in the first place. And always remember, be authentic and genuine with what you’re creating.

Using Marketing Effectively

Another key activity in creating engaging content is understanding how marketing can work for you. Through proper utilization of marketing, you allow for the audience to develop a better understanding of your brand and it also allows you to communicate to them more efficiently. Three important marketing activities to implement into your content are using a call-to-action (CTA), posting consistently, and listening to your audience.

Call-to-actions, or CTAs, are simply messages in your content or captions that tell the viewer to do something. This something could be to visit your website, buy a product, or sign up for an event. A typical CTA on social media would be “Click on the Follow Button!” or “Subscribe Now!”.

Posting consistently to your social media is a key marketing activity because it allows the viewer to predict and know when they should come back to your page in order to see the new post or read the new blog. Without consistency, your audience is left in the dark about when another post is going to come and will ultimately drive away users if there are long inconsistent breaks between content pieces.

The last key activity is simply listening to your audience’s feedback online. Being able to take in feedback from what your viewers say is an amazing tool to optimize your content. Seeing which posts are getting the most likes or which posts get the most positive feedback would likely mean that you are doing great and should continue to post similar content in the future. However, you should also listen to the fans that are giving constructive criticism and understand areas in which they think your content can improve. It should be noted that if there are explicit hate comments and obscene opinions, then it’s likely best to ignore those individuals.

Why Engage with Your Audience?

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Now that you understand how to attract your audience, how to create meaningful content, and how to engage with them, it’s important to understand why we are doing this in the first place?

In the past, before the digital era, companies could launch a product and get it out there with little to no customer feedback or engagement. On rare occasions, they would get a letter in the mail from a customer saying that they loved their product, or they hated their product.

However, thanks to the internet and social media, companies and consumers alike can build communities together where they share feedback, share their highs and lows together, and recognize the importance of being connected when it comes to making the world a better place through your products or services.

How Zeacon Live Studio Can Help You Reach and Engage with Your Audience

Why is Zeacon so invested in helping you engage and reach your audience? It’s because here at Zeacon, we believe in building a better world through intelligently connecting communities online. With modern commoditized live streaming platforms, like Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, they own your audience, and they want to make as much money from your viewers rather than truly allowing you to interact with them.

How is Zeacon going to intelligently connect communities? Through creating an easy-to-use live streaming service that helps you interact and engage with your audience without all the distractions like other streaming services. Through this, we hope to enable companies and their audience to build genuine and real relationships, have discussions, and experience a heartfelt moment with one another.

What does Zeacon provide in order to intelligently connect communities? Here at Zeacon, we provide more than just a live streaming service. We provide the ability stream to multiple platforms at once, a live chat for your audience, drag-and-drop your guests right on to the screen, in-stream donations for your viewers, and so many more to come.

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Are you interested in how Zeacon can help you connect with your community? The official launch of our public beta is on November 9th! Can’t wait that long and want to start interacting with your community now? For special early access to the platform please email, DM, or private message us on any of our social media and we’ll get you set up right away!

About the Author:

David Vo is a Yale University graduate with a certificate in Digital Marketing and a Bellevue College graduate with a Bachelor's in Digital Marketing. He is a co-founder of Bellevue College's first gaming club and has previously worked in real estate, IT, and video production before coming to Zeacon as a marketing intern. David actively participates in Olympic-style weightlifting and provides coaching in powerlifting as well.


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