FitTrax Meals and Zeacon Team Up for Live Cooking Show

Updated: Feb 16

FitTrax Meals is led by owner, founder, and experienced chef Mark Riggs with a mission to enable people to live healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle without having to worry about diet failure, meal preparation, or having to eat bland diet food.

Mark’s journey in meal prep started out as a necessity due to his hectic and busy schedule in the hospitality industry. Between balancing life, work, and staying active, Mark found it extremely difficult to dedicate time to cooking meals that suited his lifestyle at the time. After looking at how many hours he was spending on planning, preparing, and cooking his meals, he realized that the days he spent over the hot kitchen stove was becoming more than just cooking food, but rather, like an entire lifestyle in itself, and that’s when the idea for FitTrax Meals was created.

With our amazing social media coordinator, Dezirae Freeman, we were able to partner with Mark and showcase the incredible amount of potential that our streaming platform has for not only FitTrax Meals, but also for other businesses that want to engage with their audience and easily create content online without having to worry about long and arduous set up time.

bald man showing a woman and a male chef a tablet

During the event, Dezirae and Mark created a delicious gluten-free balsamic chicken with sautéed vegetables live on our Zeacon Live Studio platform for all of Mark’s customers to see and view in their right from their laptop or mobile device. Using our platform’s drag-and-drop feature, Mark and Dez were able to interact and answer questions about his meal plans and dishes with audience members face-to-face as if they were there in person with one another. Along with answering questions using our drag-and-drop feature, Dez and Mark also answered questions that came directly from viewers using Zeacon Live Studio's built-in chat.

man and woman cooking together

As a business owner, Mark wanted to make this live stream accessible to his entire online customer base by streaming directly to FitTrax Meal’s Facebook page. Using Zeacon’s integrated RTMP streaming, the event was directly streamed to his Facebook page and to our own platform simultaneously without a hitch!

Just like Mark, many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, are using Zeacon’s patent-pending technology and streaming platform to reach new levels of engagement and interactivity with their audience. In FitTrax Meals’ case, they were able to utilize our platform’s drag-and-drop feature, live in-stream chat, and RTMP social media broadcasting to reach his audience online.

man and woman talking to each other in front of a laptop and light

However, the features don’t end there, with the ability to run the stream from your browser with no software to download and our in-stream donation button, Zeacon has also had the pleasure to help nonprofit organizations raise over $6,000,000 for a greater cause. These are just some of the features and capabilities that are available on the Zeacon Live Studio platform that enable individuals, like Mark, and businesses to intelligently connect with their communities once again. With many more features to come, we at Zeacon are excited about our upcoming beta launch.

Interested in seeing what Zeacon can do for your business? The official beta launch of the Zeacon Live Studio platform is on November 9th, 2021. Can’t wait any longer and want exclusive first-hand experience and access before then? Click on the button below!

About the Author:

David Vo is a Yale University graduate with a certificate in Digital Marketing and a Bellevue College graduate with a Bachelor's in Digital Marketing. He is a co-founder of Bellevue College's first gaming club and has previously worked in real estate, IT, and video production before coming to Zeacon as a marketing intern. David actively participates in Olympic-style weightlifting and provides coaching in powerlifting as well.


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