A graphic depicting a live stream with incoming chats and on-screen participants

Live Interactivity

Bring the audience in like never before

With more interactivity features, Zeacon Live Studio empowers you to connect in more meaningful ways with your community

Live communication for all

Everyone wants to be able to join in on the fun on screen. Zeacon Live Studio's interactive chat allows each viewer to contribute ideas and talk to each other throughout the broadcast.

A live stream chat where participants are showing their gratitude to the organizers of the stream.
A Zeacon live stream with a man presenting and two remote guests helping

Present together, even when apart

With Zeacon Live Studio, it's easier than ever to present ideas remotely. Once a viewer raises their hand, you can drop them into our custom in-screen canvases and let them take the stage to both remote and in-person audiences.

Live interactivity, evolved

Zeacon Live Studio is the next step in virtual communication. Any member of your audience has the ability to raise their hand and request to join the live video. You can then simply drag and drop them in from the queue wherever you want them on screen.

Build connections with your community today

Interact with anyone from your audience on Zeacon Live Studio

Take your stream to the next level with widgets

Give your audience something to click on during the stream to keep them fully engaged with your content.

A graphic of a charity concert titled "benefit concert 2022 - Pay it Forward," where next to it is a phone that is placing a donation.