A graphic depicting a live stream with incoming chats and on-screen participants

Bring the audience in like never before

With more interactivity features, Zeacon Live Studio empowers you to connect in more meaningful ways with your community.


A live stream chat where participants are showing their gratitude to the organizers of the stream.

Communicate the way you want

Everyone wants to join the fun on screen. Zeacon lets viewers video chat, text message, or emoticon throughout a broadcast, making it highly interactive and enjoyable.

A Zeacon live stream with a man presenting and two remote guests helping

Present together, even when apart

It’s easier than ever to share ideas remotely. Send a unique link and once guests join, you can drag them on screen and let them present to both remote and in-person audiences.

Live interactivity, evolved

Any viewer can raise their hand and ask to join a livestream. Simply drag-and-drop them from a green room to wherever you want on screen.

Build connections with your community today

Interact with anyone from your audience on Zeacon Live Studio