Reach your audience before breaking a sweat using Zeacon Live Studio 

Get your clients into the best shape of their lives and build your business. 

Get ready to get movin’ 

Just because the workout is hard doesn’t mean setting it up has to be. Whether you’re a CrossFit coach, a Yogi, or a spin coach, seeing and sharing your knowledge isn’t only limited to Zoom classes. Here at Zeacon Live Studio, we help you connect to your clients as if the gym was right there in their homes. Bring on your guest coaches or even have clients show their set during the workout with Zeacon’s live drag-and-drop features! Workout like never before with Zeacon Live Studio 

Our patent-pending technology allows up to 1000 people to watch and workout with you every time you go live. You can switch camera angles to show different angles for exercises with little training. Our software requires no app download – it runs straight from your browser. 

"Zeacon Live Studio is amazingly easy to use, trendy, and provides great exposure and direct connection with my viewers. A must for any small business, content creator or non profit."

Andy Nguyen

Traeger Ambassador, Chef

​Our free guide includes:

  • Equipment requirements 

  • Rehearsing your first stream 

  • Lighting, sound, and cameras 

  • Involving your audience 

  • Collecting donations 

  • Building content after the stream 

  • And much more! 

Learn how to livestream your classes with Zeacon Live Studio

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Only pay for what you need.

Our plans make sure that everyone can use Zeacon Live Studio. Here is an overview of the differences between plans:



The ZLS Essentials:​

  • Unlimited Streams

  • Multistreaming

  • Unlimited Viewers

  • Up to 60 Minutes Per Stream

  • 20 Stream Hours Per Month

  • Live Chat

  • Drag and Drop Interactivity

  • 5 On-Screen Participants

  • Up to 3 Layouts

  • Unlimited Donations (10% fee)



Everything in Free, PLUS:

  • Zeacon Branding Removal

  • 3 Multistream Destinations

  • Unlimited Minutes Per Stream

  • Unlimited Stream Hours/Month

  • 10 On-Screen Participants

  • Image Overlay

  • Pre-Recorded Video Feed​

  • Up to 10 Layouts

  • Unlimited Donations (5% fee)

  • Video Recordings

  • Email and Chat Support



Everything in Standard, PLUS:

  • 5 Multistream Destinations

  • Livestream Discovery Boost 

  • 2 Authorized Producers

  • Unlimited Donations (2% fee)

  • Downloadable Recordings

  • Live Stream Analytics

  • Donation Analytics

  • Enhanced Email and Chat Support

  • Phone Support

  • First Month FREE*

Secure donations, quick and easy

Guests can support your organization by donating on-stream quickly and securely. With only a few clicks, donors can send money safely and receive a receipt for their contributions

Grow your virtual workout community with Zeacon Live Studio