A live stream donation message thanking viewers for their contribution


Build awareness, collect contributions.

In-stream donations help you raise more money with a distraction-free process for your viewers.

A live stream charity concert recieving donations from a mobile phone

Gather and activate an audience

By bringing your audience into a Zeacon Live Studio live stream, you are opening a community up to communication and collective action that was never possible previously on virtual platforms.

Zeacon live streams recieving donations are encrypted

Bank-level transaction encryption.

All of our donations are fully PCI - compliant. This ensures that the money you raise makes it all the way to its destination.

Making it easy to be generous.

Did you know that every additional step that you ask your donor base to take to contribute to your cause online, you will lose about 30% of them? Zeacon Live Studio prevents this by allowing viewers to donate on the same screen as the live stream, making it easier than ever to donate to your live stream.

Call on your community to take action.

Start collecting donations today.