Your stream, your way.

Zeacon Live Studio's canvases place you in the driver's seat. Choose from a selection of layouts and place images or video feeds wherever you want.

Elevate your live streams everywhere

Gone are the days of boring single-camera live streams that were hard to watch and stressful to produce. Use canvases to stand out with a fresh live look, all over the internet.

A live stream showing on-screen layout canvas selection
A man presenting on a live stream with two remote guests co-presenting

Present together, even when apart.

With Zeacon Live Studio, it's easier than ever to present ideas remotely. Once a viewer raises their hand, you can drop them in anywhere on screen with our custom live stream canvases. This lets them take the stage to both remote and in-person audiences.

A live stream showing on-screen layout canvas selection

Become a world-class producer

It all starts with the canvas. With 10 different on-screen layout options, you can change how your content is organized quickly and easily. What will you make?

Easily build custom live streams

With little to no experience on Zeacon Live Studio

Unlock infinite possibilities

With so many canvases to choose from, the possibilities are endless. From presenting to commentating, engaging with fans, and more, Zeacon Live Studio gives you the power to connect with your community.

A live stream showing on-screen layout canvas selection